A short time ago in a city not so far away….


Episode II (for me)


It is a period of celebration for Star Wars fans. Lucasfilm executives & creatives, working from a not-so-hidden ranch in Northern California, have ushered in a new era of exciting new original content and brought this work to Chicago to display to their biggest fans. 

During this event, fans managed to capture not-so-secret photographs of panels, cosplays, and the overall excitement surrounding this new content…which has enough power to launch an entirely new TV streaming platform. 

Pursued by a convention schedule too packed to capture literally everything, one journalist raced around this windy city, attempting to bring as many images as possible of this exciting event to the rest of the galaxy….

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That EPISODE IX Panel 🙌

By Bryan A Westfall

“Roll it again.” 😯😯😯😯😯

In case you missed it (doubtful), those words were uttered by none other than “The Emperor” himself, Ian McDiarmid, after the first viewing of the trailer for “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” at Star Wars Celebration in Chicago last weekend. There was an indistinguishable, maniacal laugh near the end of the trailer which left many wondering: “Could it…?” “Was that…?”

The lights came up red on stage, Ian sauntered out and stood for a few beats…then said those words in a voice that would send shivers up the spine of any Star Wars fan.

It WAS him. 🙌 (and they did…roll it again. Who’s going to argue with The Emperor?)


That was how they capped the event for this trailer release panel. But before this, panel host Stephen Colbert sat down with J.J. Abrams, Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy, and a ton of the cast from this amazing new trilogy.

Joining J.J. on the panel were actors Daisy Ridley, Kelly Marie Tran, Billy Dee Williams, John Boyega, Oscar Isaac, Joonas Suotamo, Naomi Ackie, and everyone’s favorite protocol droid Anthony Daniels.


We’ll start with the LEGEND. Mr. Billy Dee Williams. Stephen asked him how, after all these decades, did he “find” Lando again in order to portray him on screen:

Enough said. Moving on.

On to Oscar Isaac, with a question that made everyone in the room groan a bit. Stephen asked who was the better pilot, Han Solo or Poe Dameron:

The photos were definitely exciting to see, and John Boyega shared a bit of his excitement about his new wardrobe for Finn after seeing it for this film:

Naturally, any conversation about the new trilogy will eventually turn to the relationships. One panel I’m disappointed I missed at Star Wars Celebration was the “shipping” panel discussion (for those not familiar, “shipping” = a fans desire for two characters to be together…relationSHIP).

Not because I’m in any way invested in “Reylo” (Rey and Kylo Ren) or the topic in general, but because the anticipation for it was big & the discussions online about it were HEATED weeks before the convention.

Thankfully, Colbert goaded Daisy, John, and Oscar into giving us their own version of a shipping panel:

Colbert certainly didn’t pull any punches when it came to digging for spoilers, and even extended his investigation into what force powers we could expect to see on display with Rey:

Only 8 (tedious) months till we see the “other things” Rey gets up to. “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” opens December 20th.

Sisters Of The Force

By Bryan A Westfall

If you know me only from twitter, you’d think after unexpectedly meeting Dave Filoni earlier today on the expo floor of Star Wars Celebration in Chicago, that I’d be here talking about that chance encounter. He’s what I’ve talked about most when on the topic of Star Wars since listening to him talk about “The Force” at the same event in Orlando two years ago.

If you know me well, you know I’m here because the “Sisters of The Force” panel a few hours later gave me an excuse to talk about the women. The women in my life, as well as the women in the Star Wars Universe.

Brave, strong female characters in fiction have always reminded me of the amazing women in my life. My mother and grandmother in particular, but also many of the best friends, coworkers, teachers, and other role models throughout my life.

When Princess Leia arrived along with Star Wars when I was a kid, I thought “Gotcha. A lady my Mom would hang out with. Loads in common”. My grandmother was also someone who inspired me, as she was always able to find the positive in anything around her. Both of them lived how they were going to live & were going to achieve what they were going to achieve. Try and stop them. That’s pretty damn Leia…

…and Hera, and Ashoka, and Mon Mothma, and Padme and on the list goes.

What I learned today (to no surprise), was the women behind some of these characters, as well as behind the scenes on the shows and in other areas of the creative side of this Star Wars Universe…are equally as inspiring. What I love about this is that even if there is a shortage of “built in” female inspiration in a young persons life, there are women who can step in and inspire them straight out of popular culture.

This was literally put on display in this panel today.


Vanessa Marshall (“Hera” from “Star Wars Rebels“) connected with a young Star Wars fan at an event years back. She went by the handle “Darth Makenna” online…dressed in a sparkly, Vader themed cosplay. When Vanessa came across Makenna years later, she was concerned as she wasn’t as high-spirited as she had always known her to be. She connected with her mother over email, who explained she’d been bullied and that had led to depression.

Long story short…”Darth Makenna” was here. In Chicago. Backstage. In cosplay (OMG THE HELMET)…and Vanessa brought her on stage in front of thousands. Thousands who were touched by her story and cheered for her because this actor who cared reached out and did what she could to help.


The rest of the panel was filled with more stories of inspiration, showing the impact these awesome women are having on the fans (young and old) in the Star Wars fandom.

The panel host, Ashley Eckstein (“Ashoka Tano” from “Clone Wars” and “Rebels”) met a young fan named Miranda at a “Doctor Who” convention. Miranda has since battled (and beat) cancer numerous times. “I’ve met a real life Ashoka Tano”. She orchestrated a rendition of “Happy Birthday” with the crowd to send to Miranda who was watching the live-stream.


Catherine Taber (“Padme” in “Clone Wars”) met a young boy at an event who’s favorite character in Star Wars was Padme. He wrote a pretty lengthy summary on his reasoning as well (which again reminded me of the women in my life). Over the years he’s battled cancer and is in remission, currently readying for college to study film. She hopes to be hired by him some day.


Voice actor Suzie McGrath (“Tam” in “Star Wars Resistance“) used the opportunity of her first ever Star Wars Celebration appearance to talk about overcoming a stutter when she was young. She mentioned she didn’t bring it up much, but did so in the spirit of this event.


Writer and host Amy Ratcliffe talked about the work that went into getting where she is in her career. From writing a blog, to Nerdist and more. Brick by brick. She’s currently hosting at this massive event, and late last year she released the book “Star Wars: Women of the Galaxy“. She shared how excited she was when fans showed up to book release events in Star Wars cosplay. 


Athena Portillo is the Executive Producer on “Star Wars Resistance” and was also a producer on “Clone Wars” & “Rebels”. She chronicled her path from being 45 minutes late to her internship interview with Lucasfilm back in the 90’s, to where she is today…learning about what will be going into all of the stories the actresses on that stage with her would be acting out later on.


The future of Star Wars is bright because of these women. But more importantly, so are the lives of the people around them (friends, fans, family) who they can inspire in the ways that were on display here in Chicago today.

I should call my mom.

Enduring “Lord of The Rings” – Sean Astin @ Wizard World St Louis

By Bryan Westfall

The ever delightful Sean Astin covered a lot of ground in his panel at Wizard World Comic Con in St. Louis. Not surprising, though, that it didn’t take long for the audience Q’s to turn to that one particular pilgrimage one of his characters took with a group of friends.

img_20190406_200959_959.jpg IMG_20190406_200633_965

While we all remember Samwise as the ray of hope & champion of endurance for Frodo and the rest of the Hobbits (and let’s be honest, the fans), Sean goes into the endurance it took for an actor involved in two years of filming the “Lord of Rings” trilogy.

“A Conversation with David Alpay” – Wizard World St Louis

By Bryan Westfall

David Alpay made quite the impact as “Professor Atticus Shane” (AKA “Professor Creepy”) in the 4th season of “The Vampire Diaries“. Thankfully, any apprehension in being brought as close as we were to him in his “Wizard World” St. Louis panel quickly dissipated.

Armed only with a big bucket of tiny candy canes (to give out to fans asking questions), David hopped down from the stage, ditched the mic, and had a very candid conversation about his career, moving to the US from Canada, and his new favorite pet…rabbits.


Here, David goes into his transition to acting (from studying the cognitive sciences) while in college…starting with a play called “Clockwork Gorbachev” (which was voted “Worst Play”). Thankfully, he endured.


runDisney Virtual Race Updates!

By Bryan Westfall

Ever since runDisney left Anaheim a few years ago, they created some virtual running events to help fill the void. Currently, there are only 4 in person races at Walt Disney World, and another race at Disneyland Paris.

One of the races to help runDisney runners who can’t make it all the way to Florida, is the Star Wars Virtual Half Marathon. I can attest for the fact that they aren’t slouching on the finisher medal. The inaugural event last year offered up a sweet Rebel fighter themed medal that is the size of a small plate.


For this year’s race, the theme of the medal is everyone’s favorite rambunctious droid R2D2! I’m sure some might favor Chopper in the rambunctious droid category. I hope you can have a finisher medal of your own, someday 😄.


The other virtual race event from runDisney is their Summer Virtual Series. This will be the third year for this event. There are three separate medals (one per 5k per Summer month). You can sign up for one, two, or all three together (which will get you the bonus medal for doing the entire series). Last year’s was themed after The Incredibles, and the finisher medals were fantastic.


This summer (which is on sale in early May) will be celebrating 80 years of Marvel! The three medals will be themed after Captain Marvel, Iron Man, and Black Panther. Not exactly a surprise, for a few reasons. One of the most popular race weekends that got the axe at Disneyland was the Superhero Half Marathon weekend. Also, many Disney parks are gearing up to have a Marvel themed land, with Disneyland’s ready to welcome guests in 2020.


I personally cannot wait to see the medals for these races! I’m hoping they’ll resemble the artwork on the race bibs above, but whatever it is I’m sure it’ll inspire more than a few to exclaim “Excelsior!”.

“New Chewie” is Heading to Star Wars Celebration!

By Bryan Westfall

While it’s very very safe to assume that all of the major players from a galaxy far far away will be at Star Wars Celebration in Chicago this April, the guest announcements are still super exciting!

The two big announcement highlights start with the man who has brought some new agility and spirit to everyone’s favorite Wookie. Joonas Suotamo will be heading to Chicago to meet fans and (hopefully) chat about how he’s approached taking over the walking carpet we all know as Chewbacca!

We also know who will (again) be taking over hosting duties from the Celebration Stage…Warwick Davis! Warwick was amazing at the Orlando event in 2017. If you’d like a taste of Wicket’s panel hosting skills, you can catch him with Ray Park (Darth Maul) from 2017’s Star Wars Celebration on the Chasing Geekdom YouTube channel.

We’re less than 3 months away from the Chicago event! I can’t wait to see more of the guest announcements roll in!

We’ve Got a Stage 5k Clinger!

By Bryan Westfall

I’m not normally one to speak ill of the dead (character from fiction), but this new charity race from the Potterhead Running Club is perfectly & hilariously named. The Stage 5k Clinger! (Here’s a hint as to where that saying originated, in case you’re unfamiliar 😄).  Poor Lavender Brown. She and Ron were just not meant to be, but she was the last to realize it.


The timing of this race is fitting. Lavender started to crush on Ron in the beginning of their sixth year at Hogwarts, and the PRC is starting their sixth year of virtual charity races with an event “celebrating” this ill advised romance.


The Potterhead Running Club teams up with a charity for each race event, and this one is a charity that they’ve worked with before. Project Purple is a non-profit “created to raise awareness, support patients and families affected by the disease, and fund research efforts to defeat pancreatic cancer.”

The legendary Alan Rickman who played “Severus Snape” in all of the Harry Potter films, died from pancreatic cancer in 2016. The PRC teamed up with Project Purple that year for the “Half Blood Prince Half Marathon” and honored Alan & all of the joy he brought to his fans through that iconic role.


The Stage 5k Clinger registration is still open, and is only $25! Here’s to hoping I’m more in tune with my body during this run than Lavender was with the reality of love.

tumblr_m8wd20eqqy1qeijfbo1_250         2bb47a43692aa752d7132c2ef94659953d79393c_hq


BEST OF 2018!

By Bryan Westfall

Every year on Twitter I like to throw my top 4 of a few entertainment categories for that year. I choose 4 because you can only add 4 pictures to each tweet, and packing them into one tweet forces me to boil everything down to a smaller list than an easy 10. Let’s jump in!

Here are my top 4 favorite TV and FILM performances of 2018!

Cara Gee as “Drummer” in “The Expanse”. Going toe to toe with David Strathairn and coming out looking as badass as she did is no small feat. Outstanding scene work, as well as disappearing into that Belter dialect.
Anthony Carrigan as “NoHo Hank” in HBO’s “Barry”. Already a huge fan of him as the menacing “Zzasz” in “Gotham”, Anthony brings a different kind of whimsy to this “bad” guy (who I’d 100% hang out with…till I leaned what he did for a living).
Letitia Wright as “Shuri” in “Black Panther”. Was she NOT everyone else’s favorite? The Panther’s storyline was a bit stale (compared to “Civil War”), so the supporting cast jumped out in that film, lead (for me) by his sister.
Jake Johnson as “Peter B Parker” in “Spiderman: Into The Spiderverse”. I had no idea that the Parker I needed was a sweatpants wearing, Dad-bod havin’, burger lovin’ dude.

Up next…my top 4 favorite TV Shows of 2018!

Kristen Bell may look surprised, but I wasn’t. “The Good Place” continues to shine!
The Expanse” has been solid from the start, but this season got to my favorite storyline from the books (no spoilers for late-comers). Everything about this show is magic, and this year saw it saved from cancellation and will air season 4 on Amazon!
Bill Hader pulls a real Bryan Cranston and crushes a dark role after a largely comedic career. “Barry” has a fantastic cast (including Henry Winkler). Don’t sleep on this one.
What needs to be said about “Westworld“? 🙌

Last but not least…my favorite FILMS of 2018!

Spiderman: Into The Spiderverse” is WILD. Not a film only for kid fans. Stole 2018 at the last minute for me.
It took me a while to see “Game Night“, and I 100% regret not watching this in the theater. Such TWISTED and surprising fun in this one.
Black Panther” brought a supporting cast that blew me away, but the main character for me was Wakanda itself. That was a world I’m so happy to have been able to spend time in before “Infinity War”.
Avengers: Infinity War“. How they were able to make a film this packed with stars from the Marvel Universe NOT seemed too stuffed is beyond me. They found the right ‘team-ups’, for sure. Josh Brolin as “Thanos” was finally a challenge worthy of these heroes. I was upset not to see “Hawkeye”, but now we know! Here comes RONIN.

Let’s see what 2019 has in store, shall we?! 😄

2018 Finisher Bling Gallery!

By Bryan Westfall

Thanks to the transition from the even, mild temperatures of California to the erratic super hot/cold temperatures of St Louis, 2018 brought the end of half marathon distance training for me. I’ve embraced more frequent, shorter (5k) runs…and have moved indoors (treadmill) for running during the week and on days with more extreme temperatures.

The result was more races than past years, but shorter distances (for the most part). I was able to do runDisneys “Star Wars Virtual Half Marathon” (with difficulty), the Potterhead Running Club‘s “Platform 9 3/4k”, the STL “St. Paddy’s Day Run” (a 5 miler), and most recently the “Hot Chocoloate 15k” (in 20 degree weather). Everything else was 5k or shorter.

According to MapMyRun, I netted a sweet 156 miles running this year. Averaging 3 miles running a week for an entire year sounds excellent to this 44 year old who only started running at 39. Aiming for 200 next year! Here’s to an even more active 2019!