Midnight Society – ‘DEADROP’ – First ‘Snapshot’ Experience!

By Bryan A Westfall

Come for the stunning visuals of Midnight Society‘s in-development game ‘DEADROP‘ (which are shockingly great for a game so early in development), stay for my embarrassingly low scores in the firing range games (which is to be expected)!

Announced in December of 2021, Midnight Society is a new gaming studio co-founded by 6 foot 8 gaming-great “Dr Disrespect”, along with game industry veterans Robert “fourzerotwo” Bowling & Quinn DelHoyo.

DEADROP” is the studio’s first game.

Midnight Society is including it’s gaming community & professional gamers much earlier in the development process by providing new playable “Snapshots” every six weeks, years before the games release.

The “Snapshots” are playable experiences focused around specific milestones for the game. Each milestone has feedback parameters around weapons, player abilities, gameplay, and play spaces within the game. Midnight Society will collect feedback, prioritize it, and apply it to upcoming Snapshots.

Here’s to the first of many…

LeakyCon’s Extraordinary Cosplay!

By Bryan A Westfall

LeakyCon took over the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando over last weekend, and there was no shortage of extremely inventive and stunning cosplay on display.

It was a refreshing change of pace after seeing the Wizarding World fandom underrepresented at other pop-culture cons!

They hosted both a cosplay parade & contest, and I’ve included photos from both. First place went to the “Dolores Umbridge” cosplay! Love how eager they were to dip out with that 1st place trophy before the judges could change their minds. 🙂