By Bryan A Westfall

Let’s run down the things I cover here at good ol’ Chasing Geekdom:

  1. Comic Conventions
  2. Theme Parks
  3. Geek Themed Race Events

Let’s run down the things I can’t cover right now:


You guys, I’m starving to get out there. Just not starving enough to subject myself to theme parks in the state they’re in currently. I honestly might, if I lived close and could drive there (justifying a potentially brief visit subject to my comfort level). Air travel as it stands is out of the picture for me, though.

Since I’ll be doing all or most of my geekdom @ home for the time being, I decided to try a thing:

Livestreaming my (very mediocre) Fortnite gameplay

I’ll still be ‘covering’ the same topics I normally do, only it’ll be me chatting about them live while being chased down by the friggin’ Marauders (🙄), chasing/capturing fireflies (that you can throw at things to burn them down 🙌), and overall demonstrating my mediocrity at shooting down other players in this epic Battle Royale style game.

I’ll be streaming gameplay on YouTube every day, for at least an hour (M-F will likely be at around 7:15 Central, and weekends will be ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ) . Come on by and join in the chat!

You can view my first few streams in the playlist below!