By Bryan A Westfall

You’d think after seeing Endgame twice, writing a farewell to Tony & Steve, then praising the greatness that is Nebula…I’d be fresh out of an inclination to write more about The Avengers for a while.

That was true till Robert Downey Jr. showed his true colors. And they’re…whatever awesome colors GRATEFUL would be.

Here and there, the cast of Endgame has been posting behind the scenes photos and videos, reminiscing about their time on set and providing fans with a glimpse into the fun (and stress) of working on such an epic production. Chris Evans was excited to learn when he could post this BTS vid from Endgame on twitter:

However, none has matched RDJ’s grateful victory lap.

We all know that Tony Stark has taken his last bow. Even before Endgame was released on April 26th, RDJ began posting photos and videos…memories from the set and press tour:

The posts leveled up in intensity once any reasonable spoiler embargo was lifted. This included a behind the scenes look at Tony’s SNAP (which obviously came well after the films release) :

While any singular post wouldn’t necessarily stand out, the sum total paints a picture of a man who is grateful. Grateful for fans, for the experience, for his family & friends, and of course for his fellow Avengers. You’ll notice a tendency to include #thankyou on his posts, especially after the film was released:

You definitely get a sense of someone who is going to miss these folks…and how much he appreciates them. One post was from a lunch he hosted for all of the women of the MCU:

Speaking of folks he’ll miss 😭:

While the legacy of RDJ’s portrayal of Tony Stark/Iron Man won’t dim in our hearts & minds any time soon, they’ve also taken a more physical approach to solidify this legacy at the infamous Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, CA 🙌:

As much as I enjoy ending things by writing something clever or poignant, it’s probably best to let RDJ himself take us out of this one. We love you 3000, Robert! 👋: