By Bryan Westfall

Ever since runDisney left Anaheim a few years ago, they created some virtual running events to help fill the void. Currently, there are only 4 in person races at Walt Disney World, and another race at Disneyland Paris.

One of the races to help runDisney runners who can’t make it all the way to Florida, is the Star Wars Virtual Half Marathon. I can attest for the fact that they aren’t slouching on the finisher medal. The inaugural event last year offered up a sweet Rebel fighter themed medal that is the size of a small plate.


For this year’s race, the theme of the medal is everyone’s favorite rambunctious droid R2D2! I’m sure some might favor Chopper in the rambunctious droid category. I hope you can have a finisher medal of your own, someday 😄.


The other virtual race event from runDisney is their Summer Virtual Series. This will be the third year for this event. There are three separate medals (one per 5k per Summer month). You can sign up for one, two, or all three together (which will get you the bonus medal for doing the entire series). Last year’s was themed after The Incredibles, and the finisher medals were fantastic.


This summer (which is on sale in early May) will be celebrating 80 years of Marvel! The three medals will be themed after Captain Marvel, Iron Man, and Black Panther. Not exactly a surprise, for a few reasons. One of the most popular race weekends that got the axe at Disneyland was the Superhero Half Marathon weekend. Also, many Disney parks are gearing up to have a Marvel themed land, with Disneyland’s ready to welcome guests in 2020.


I personally cannot wait to see the medals for these races! I’m hoping they’ll resemble the artwork on the race bibs above, but whatever it is I’m sure it’ll inspire more than a few to exclaim “Excelsior!”.