By Bryan Westfall

Every year on Twitter I like to throw my top 4 of a few entertainment categories for that year. I choose 4 because you can only add 4 pictures to each tweet, and packing them into one tweet forces me to boil everything down to a smaller list than an easy 10. Let’s jump in!

Here are my top 4 favorite TV and FILM performances of 2018!

Cara Gee as “Drummer” in “The Expanse”. Going toe to toe with David Strathairn and coming out looking as badass as she did is no small feat. Outstanding scene work, as well as disappearing into that Belter dialect.
Anthony Carrigan as “NoHo Hank” in HBO’s “Barry”. Already a huge fan of him as the menacing “Zzasz” in “Gotham”, Anthony brings a different kind of whimsy to this “bad” guy (who I’d 100% hang out with…till I leaned what he did for a living).
Letitia Wright as “Shuri” in “Black Panther”. Was she NOT everyone else’s favorite? The Panther’s storyline was a bit stale (compared to “Civil War”), so the supporting cast jumped out in that film, lead (for me) by his sister.
Jake Johnson as “Peter B Parker” in “Spiderman: Into The Spiderverse”. I had no idea that the Parker I needed was a sweatpants wearing, Dad-bod havin’, burger lovin’ dude.

Up next…my top 4 favorite TV Shows of 2018!

Kristen Bell may look surprised, but I wasn’t. “The Good Place” continues to shine!
The Expanse” has been solid from the start, but this season got to my favorite storyline from the books (no spoilers for late-comers). Everything about this show is magic, and this year saw it saved from cancellation and will air season 4 on Amazon!
Bill Hader pulls a real Bryan Cranston and crushes a dark role after a largely comedic career. “Barry” has a fantastic cast (including Henry Winkler). Don’t sleep on this one.
What needs to be said about “Westworld“? 🙌

Last but not least…my favorite FILMS of 2018!

Spiderman: Into The Spiderverse” is WILD. Not a film only for kid fans. Stole 2018 at the last minute for me.
It took me a while to see “Game Night“, and I 100% regret not watching this in the theater. Such TWISTED and surprising fun in this one.
Black Panther” brought a supporting cast that blew me away, but the main character for me was Wakanda itself. That was a world I’m so happy to have been able to spend time in before “Infinity War”.
Avengers: Infinity War“. How they were able to make a film this packed with stars from the Marvel Universe NOT seemed too stuffed is beyond me. They found the right ‘team-ups’, for sure. Josh Brolin as “Thanos” was finally a challenge worthy of these heroes. I was upset not to see “Hawkeye”, but now we know! Here comes RONIN.

Let’s see what 2019 has in store, shall we?! 😄